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Arturo Condo

Arturo Condo

Professional Experience

Professional Experience
President of INCAE Business School since 2007.

Arturo Condo obtained his doctoral degree from Harvard Business School where he specialized in strategy, international business and competitiveness. His thesis advisors were Professors Michael Porter (Chairman), James Austin and Tarun Khanna. Previously he obtained an MBA degree with the highest honors from INCAE, where he also received the Distinguished Scholar award that honors leadership in addition to academic excellence and that has been conferred only seven times in four decades. His undergraduate studies in electronic engineering were conducted at the ESPOL in Ecuador, where he majored in biotechnology and information systems.

Dr. Condo is currently a professor of business strategy, international management and competitiveness at INCAE, a leading Latin American business school.

He teaches at INCAE's masters and executive masters programs as well as in seminars all over Latin America. For the past three years, he has taught in coordination with Prof. Michael Porter a course on the Microeconomics of Competitiveness, which was originally taught at INCAE and HBS and now involves more than 30 graduate schools around the world. At CLACDS, he leads a team of professors and researchers that conduct projects in Latin America, supporting private and public leaders in their efforts to strengthen competitive clusters and to develop national and local competitiveness programs that seek to upgrade current levels of development. He also serves as Institute Associate of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School.

Professor Condo's research is focused on the development of successful local and international strategies by companies from developing economies, with a special emphasis on Latin America. His doctoral thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Porter, studied the international expansion of firms based on developing countries in order to understand the process of development of competitive advantage in regional and global markets, as well as the different challenges that internationalization represents for managers in developing regions. As part of this project, he studied the strategic and competitive development of firms in ten Latin American countries. He is also interested in the study of competitiveness at the cluster level, and the environmental conditions that foster or hinder increases in productivity, as well as the processes that are needed in order to upgrade such conditions. Professor Condo has written books and articles in the subjects of strategy and competitiveness, as well as case studies in different countries that are currently used at INCAE, Harvard Business School and dozens of business schools around the world.

Prof. Condo also works as a strategy consultant for private firms and public and private organizations. At the firm level his work has focused on the definition of a firm's business and corporate strategy, its strategic decision-making processes and internationalization strategies. He has also worked with industry associations in order to improve the joint productivity of whole sectors or clusters. He has also served as consultant for multilateral organizations such as IADB and the World Bank, as well as a speaker in different events. His consulting and speaking activities have taken him all over Latin America and Asia.

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