It all started with a spark

When U.S. President John F. Kennedy met with the presidents and top business leaders of Central America in 1963, he spoke of the great need for “a faster rate of economic growth within a society where all can share in the fruits of progress.” These words inspired a regional effort to join forces with Harvard Business School to create a high-level management institute that would guide and train a future generation of leaders committed to working together to achieve prosperity in the Region.

Four Pillars

Message from the President

Our preliminary goal of raising $50 million will provide the critical resources needed to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty, provide a secure and consistent funding base for our most impactful research initiatives, and enhance our campuses to provide the level of facilities and services befitting a world-class institution.

The funding objectives for this campaign have been carefully selected to have optimal impact in the areas where they are most needed. Donors can be assured that INCAE will be accountable for each and every gift it receives and that their generosity will truly make a difference.

"Fundamental to the mission of INCAE is to educate a new generation of leaders who promote sustainable economic development through growth that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Today, INCAE graduates use the knowledge obtained to influence change and lead the path towards a globalized and prosperous region."

Enrique Bolaños
President, INCAE Business School


The Illuminate Campaign Video