Master Programs

Why get an MBA?

INCAE was founded in 1963 with the support of visionary leaders in American business, President John F. Kennedy, and the support of Harvard University. Since then, the purpose of INCAE has been very clear: to actively promote the development of the countries it serves, forming senior leaders for roles in key sectors.

Your goals are achieved

The most prestigious companies often recruit on the door of our graduates. With respect to job opportunities, 20% of the 50 Best Latin American Companies are currently led by our INCAE graduates. After all, Latin America is the new land of opportunity.


The aim of the Master in Business Administration from INCAE is to form leaders and professionals who will transform organizations throughout Latin America and the world. Students gain knowledge in the areas of management, corporate culture and environment analysis, thus becoming future leaders of the region.

MBA Professional

This program was developed to maximize the learning experience by providing different tools which allow students to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom. It is an innovative design for a world class program where you can learn through high performance experiences.

Dual Degrees

INCAE offers a range of Dual Degree programs that offer students a broad professional scope. Our Dual Degree programs give students the opportunity to obtain an MBA from INCAE and another certification from one of the prestigious universities in our network.