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Exchange Programs

As an integral part of INCAE’s mission, the multinational and multicultural experience students benefit from are as important as academics. With this in mind, INCAE fosters relationships with other universities and business schools of similar academic quality, to offer students a unique addition to their INCAE education.

The 34 business schools selected for Student Exchange and Double Degree programs offer INCAE students the opportunity of experiencing life and business environments in other countries and regions, thus expanding their global vision of business and relationships.

The Student Exchange Program allows bilingual students (Spanish-English) at INCAE to go to one of the partner schools for one semester during the first half of the second year of their MBA. The following are eligibility requirements for the exchange programs:

  • Be in the top third of the class, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Have full mastering of the English language.
  • Cover the cost of all travel and living expenses.

Students from any other university may apply to INCAE through the Freemover program, which allows us to receive students interested on studying our MBA program for a period of time. The International Programs department will study each case, and the freemover must take care of all procedures needed to enroll at INCAE from their home institution.

Partner Schools

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St Gallen


Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree Programs

INCAE offers bilingual students the possibility of obtaining a second degree from schools or universities participating in the program. In this case, the student takes the entire second year at the business school selected.

To participate, a student must:

  1. Be in the top third of the class, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. Complete the admission process of the selected school, which may include:
    • GMAT result
    • TOEFL score
  3. Pay tuition and fees as a regular student at the university or business school selected as well as all travel and living expenses.


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