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Exchange students: reasons to study in Costa Rica

Andrea, Mathieu and Salem are part of INCAE's exchange students. Why did they choose to come here? 


The Case Study Method

With the case study method students learn to manage real-life business situations and solve problems in controlled environments, under the guidance of Ph.D professors. 


Students Blog

How did a Latin American woman persuade the world to "save” itself?

Sometimes, as a Latin American, I am not aware of the impact that we as Latinos can have in the world. The case of the Costa Rican, Christiana Figueres Olsen, serves as an example to encourage us to think big.  


Change through exchange

The foreigner stood out in the crowd, her face red from the sun and sweat clearly beading on her forehead. She stood bewildered at a busy intersection, overwhelmed by the general cacophony, looking across the street at the teeming traffic. Every possible space was occupied: vendors selling a variety of merchandise and food, stray dogs and people napping in the heat of the afternoon, new and ancient cars, and oceans of scooters and bikes. There were actual stoplights at this articular intersection but the signals were not even taken as a suggestion – chaos reigned.


Campus Life

Once admitted to INCAE, MBA students move to Walter Kissling Gam campus to reside during their period of study in Costa Rica. INCAE becomes home to these young people who enroll in the master's program.

The dynamics of living in shared houses with peers creates an environment that transcends social interaction beyond the classroom. Similarly, both sites have areas suitable not only for study, but also for recreation and participation in various sports.

The dining hall service is an included benefit for all students. It serves lunch and dinner on weekdays and lunch on Saturday. Those students entering the master's program with their family will stay in a house just for them.