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INCAE and Vital Voices hold forum aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs in order to foster development and wealth

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 13:09

thumb vital voice"In 83 economies around the world, 200 million women are starting a new venture," said Babson College Vice-Provost of Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, Candida Brush, who called for participation of women in enterprises to be seen as a key factor of value creation in society.

Professor Brush was one of the speakers at the III Euro-American Conference of Women Leaders 2017: Women Entrepreneurs as Development and Wealth Generators (CEAML 2017), held by INCAE´s Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership (CLCM) and Vital Voices Costa Rica on February 2nd in San José. The event brought together more than 300 men and women from public and private organizations, allowing them to exchange experiences and ideas on women entrepreneurs.


Financial Times ranks INCAE as the school with the best MBA in Latin America

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 12:20

thumb 1INCAE is once again positioned as the leading business school in the region. The prestigious international journal Financial Times published today its 2017 Global MBA Ranking, which places INCAE as the business school with the best MBA Program in Latin America and the world's 89th among over 3,000 schools ranked.

INCAE stands out on percentage salary rise, ranking fifth worldwide with an average 142% increase. In addition, it ranks among the top 15 schools worldwide in three other categories, to wit, Investment Value, International Program Experience, and Career Progress.

INCAE ranked 5th worldwide on Investment Value, which aims to estimate the MBA Program's return on investment by measuring the average salary earned by graduates six months after graduation minus tuition cost and additional expenses. Also, it takes into account program length. Good prospects after graduation make investment in an INCAE master's degree highly valuable.


Country Challenge drives more than 800 INCAE Alumni to participate

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 12:11

thumb countryWith record participation of 808 alumni, INCAE closed its 2016 Country Challenge last December 31. The Challenge aimed to encourage INCAE alumni from different nations to take part on INCAE's mission, allowing for the highest rate ever of participation from INCAE alumni in giving, data updates, and attendance at events.

"We are happy to announce this achievement. Active participation of alumni is key to INCAE's progress but that is not is in Latin Americans' DNA. That is why it is so significant for us to have achieved such a high level of participation as compared to that of previous years. We trust this points to a change in INCAE alumni's culture. Graduates' involvement, with their experience and leadership, is of the essence to keep generating more positive leaders for the region," said INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños. Participation is key, having a network of alumni reconnected with each other and active at INCAE.


TEDx INCAE 2017 displayed innovative, inspiring ideas

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 12:05

thumb tedx1Nearly 30 speakers from eight different countries lectured on Innovation and Technology, Leadership and Sustainable Development at the second INCAE TEDx. These inspiring lectures were aimed at helping train new leaders for the region. This series of short speeches was organized by INCAE's MBA students and held last January 21 at INCAE's campus in Costa Rica.

The event was streamed live and watched by more than 3,000 people from all over the world. It featured lectures by students, alumni, entrepreneurs and businesspeople eager to share with youth their passion for their ideas and give them a positive message. To do so, they took advantage of this series of independent mini lectures resulting in a local TEDx experience.


INCAE’s Oath Club called again the attention of future regional leaders to ethical issues

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 10:24

thumb oath clubINCAE students continue to care about ethics in their countries, as well as about transparency among company managers and public servants. Those were the main topics of the Business Ethics in the Americas Conference (BEAC), organized by the INCAE's MBA Oath Club for the second year in a row and held on Friday, January 14 at the Walter Kissling Gam Campus of INCAE.

The event featured thought-provoking lectures from invited speakers including INCAE Alumnus Esteban Roberts, Uber's current Operations and Logistics Manager for Central America and president of INCAE's MBA Oath Club in 2012-2013, as well as Fátima Mena, Honduras Congresswoman and founder of the Parliamentary Front supporting MACCHI, Honduras' anti-corruption, ant-impunity bureau. Other speakers at the 2017 BEAC included Luis Umaña Timms, Executive Director of INCAE's Master's Programs, and the current Chair of INCAE's Oath Club María José César. The event also featured Arbitrage, a film about personal and professional lack of ethics under different circumstances.


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