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INCAE relaunches the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership in collaboration with CARGILL as a new founding member

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thumb Firma CLCM - Cargill 2"Women's progress is social progress, and social progress is women's progress." This is the vision driving INCAE to enhance women inclusion in the labor world, senior management, and decision-making we face today as a society, a vision shared by Cargill, a company with over 50 years of experience nurturing and developing communities in the region.

It has been proven that companies with more women on their boards get a ROE 35% higher as well as a total shareholder profit which is 34% higher (Catalyst). This leads to a need to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the region in order to accelerate and contribute to Latin America's inclusive economic development. This is achieved through better opportunities given to women and by promoting collaborative leadership resulting in value in organizations and societies through research, education and impact.

Thus, within the framework of the "Women's Executive Leadership Program", an INCAE Executive Education program focused on empowering women's leadership in Latin America, INCAE relaunched the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership (CCWL), now with Cargill as a founding partner, on November 30 in Miami.

The signing of the INCAE / Cargill agreement marks the relaunching of the Center and was attended by CCWL Chair Camelia Ilie, INCAE's LATAM Advancement & Alumni Affairs Department Head Wendy Rodriguez, Cargill Meats Central America Human Resources Manager Martha Q. de González, and the Regional Communications Manager and Counselor of Cargill Central America Women's Support Network Blanca Villela.

"In our pursuit of regional development we have the fundamental commitment to promote female and collaborative leadership to create value in organizations, and accelerate the development of Latin America through the CCWL. Together with Cargill we will promote these subjects for the region. It is a company with great prestige and we are grateful to have it as part of this initiative," explained Center Manager Gaudy Solórzano.

"Our 20-year long relationship with INCAE has allowed us to share values and strengths to help develop the people in our region. That is why we are so happy to support the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership and contribute to its development and empowerment," commented Martha Q. de González.

"Our commitment to inclusion and diversity seeks to provide an inclusive work space giving our associates a sense of belonging that strengthens diversity within the organization. This aims to create competitive advantage and enable us to fulfill our goal of prospering together with our stakeholders". As a result of this alliance with INCAE we hope to strengthen our culture, to be recognized as preferred employer, to reflect the realities of our market and to continue to support the development of our region," said Blanca Villela.

Solórzano took advantage of the opportunity to call for more companies to become involved as partners of the Center. "This subjects provides companies with financial and strategic benefits and opportunities. We will contribute our experience and methodology and the organizations supporting us will lead alongside us high-impact projects in their environment. Investing in women is the economically smart decision," she said.

This year CCWL presented the results of the 2016 Gender Gap Index, whose data from the region were provided by the Center as a regional ally of the World Economic Forum. In addition, the Center will be leading new research and activities with partners such as Vital Voices Costa Rica, with whom it will be holding the Third Euroamerican Conference of Women Leaders: Entrepreneurs as Generators of Development and Wealth. To find out more about the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership click here.

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