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INCAE’s Oath Club called again the attention of future regional leaders to ethical issues

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thumb oath clubINCAE students continue to care about ethics in their countries, as well as about transparency among company managers and public servants. Those were the main topics of the Business Ethics in the Americas Conference (BEAC), organized by the INCAE's MBA Oath Club for the second year in a row and held on Friday, January 14 at the Walter Kissling Gam Campus of INCAE.

The event featured thought-provoking lectures from invited speakers including INCAE Alumnus Esteban Roberts, Uber's current Operations and Logistics Manager for Central America and president of INCAE's MBA Oath Club in 2012-2013, as well as Fátima Mena, Honduras Congresswoman and founder of the Parliamentary Front supporting MACCHI, Honduras' anti-corruption, ant-impunity bureau. Other speakers at the 2017 BEAC included Luis Umaña Timms, Executive Director of INCAE's Master's Programs, and the current Chair of INCAE's Oath Club María José César. The event also featured Arbitrage, a film about personal and professional lack of ethics under different circumstances.

"Clearly, INCAE graduates become highly relevant members of Latin American societies. Many of them become leaders at major companies, and it is key for them to receive guidance regarding situations they may get involved into later on in their careers. The Oath Club is relevant as it provides a taste of what students may experience later on as professionals and helps them ensure that their contributions to society are consistent with the values held by INCAE and the Oath Club," said Esteban Roberts.

Fátima Mena spoke about key steps to effective anti-corruption practices such as creating an independent Prosecutor's Office Unit with resources and capacity to engage in modern investigation; setting specialized courts and judges to deal with high-impact corruption cases, and enacting effective collaborator's legislation to negotiate testimony and / or information in return for reduction of criminal sentences.

The Oath Club was an initiative of Harvard University after the 2008 financial crisis. It aims to meet the need for business schools students to take an oath with an ethical, moral message upon graduation. INCAE's Rector at that time, Arturo Condo promoted the initiative at INCAE in 2012. BEAC is a way the Club has to achieve greater impact on the minds of future graduates.

"BEAC is a pioneering event in Latin America. It began last year in order to give business schools like INCAE an opportunity to discuss social and economic issues students will be exposed to in real life after graduating. Awareness of ethical conflicts in careers is important," said board member of MBA Oath Club Pedro Sarasqueta, a student of the INCAE's 2017 MBA Program.

"The main goal of INCAE's Oath Club is to gather a group of students willing to take this ethical oath at the time of graduation. The idea is not just signing it but rather allowing members of the Oath Club to contact graduates for advice in case of ethical dilemmas. INCAE's Oath Club is the first of its kind in the region and one among a few around the world", said the Executive Director of INCAE's Master's Programs Luis Umaña Timms.

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