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Susan A. Clancy

susan-clancyProf. Clancy is renowned as an expert in topics of gender diversity and women leadership. She has succeeded in a predominantly male environment.

She has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Harvard University, where she was a Faculty member. At INCAE, she is a professor and Research Director of the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership.

She has presented at numerous conferences and training programs at multinational companies like Coca-Cola, INTEL, General Mills, HP, P&G, and HSBC. At the same time, she has lectured in governmental institutions in Latin America and International Development Organizations such as IDB and SDR (BID, DEG, Spanish acronyms). She has had multiple media appearances in CNN, Larry King Live and Dateline, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, which have noted her research.






II Foro Euro-americano de Mujeres Líderes (in Spanish)

"Liderazgo colaborativo como clave del éxito organizacional"
November 02, 2015
Real Intercontinental Hotel
San José, Costa Rica


Women's Executive Leadership Program
(in Spanish)

November 30, 2015
Miami, FL. USA