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Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs

At INCAE we foster the strengthen of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region by enhancing entrepreneurial education. Also we have programs that encourage the start and scale of business, as well as research.

How We Support Entrepreneurs?

  • Specialized MBA on Entrepreneurship

  • Research and creation of knowledge

  • Strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Emprendimiento femenino: los pasos de Coco Canela

El Salvador19 December 2017
Merlín Delcid

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Entrepreneur Alumni

Map Tasking

Map Tasking is the mobile workforce automation platform that support your mobile personnel and guarantee that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing in the most efficient way possible.


1st place Seedstars Panamá 2015

Winner in the Category of Special Solution of Seedstarsworld 2016

Selected among the 10 Latin American Startups which will participate on March 2018 in the Rockstart Accelerator at Holland.

Vittorio Calcagno MAE LV

Madres y Artesanas Tex

It is an organization composed of mini-businesses administered by and made up of women dedicated to the production of high-quality handmade fabrics.  

Yelka Maric MEE X