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Tres modelos definidos de emprendimiento

Por Hermes Solano

INCAE es 24 del mundo en emprendedurismo

Por Esteban Zolezzi

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  • Robert Way - INCAE Alumni EMBA VII
    Agencias Way is a Guatemalan company that focuses on the distribution of electrical appliances, furniture and related lines, since 1933.
  • Andrés Valdivieso - Emprendedor Latinoamericano
    Toth was established towards the end of 2013, under the following motto: "Provide patients with early and low-cost access to health services through the globalization of the use of technologies."
  • Dennis Flores - INCAE Alumni MAE XLVIII
    Café del Sur, Diriamba Carazo, Nicaragua. Offers an unequaled blend of flavors, aromas and textures.