Research at the Center is differentiated by our unique proximity to data from emerging countries and markets. Areas of research include:
  • Sustainability in the ventures
  • Enterprise networks
  • Inclusive strategies between formal and informal markets
  • Process of philosophical approach in the practice of strategies
  • Behavioral and development economics - the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Social impact investment
  Access to data:   Being directly in Latin America, the Center has access to the informal markets we studied. It allows us to easily return to our initial data sources for additional support and verify if necessary.     This proximity to our data gives us the opportunities for experiential learning, allows researchers to participate in the process, and reduces the costs of research.     The diversity of the researchers in experience, formation and origin allows us to be more efficient in our research and reduces the risk of ignorance of cultural aspects typical of the Region.

List of Publications


  • Robert Way - INCAE Alumni EMBA VII
    Agencias Way is a Guatemalan company that focuses on the distribution of electrical appliances, furniture and related lines, since 1933.
  • Andrés Valdivieso - Emprendedor Latinoamericano
    Toth was established towards the end of 2013, under the following motto: "Provide patients with early and low-cost access to health services through the globalization of the use of technologies."
  • Dennis Flores - INCAE Alumni MAE XLVIII
    Café del Sur, Diriamba Carazo, Nicaragua. Offers an unequaled blend of flavors, aromas and textures.