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Costa Rica

The INCAE experience is lived in many ways. Thanks in part, to the diversity of our MBA and executive programs offered by the institution. For MBA students, INCAE becomes their home for almost two years. The thought of being away from home coupled with the fact of living in shared housing, allows not only a completely immersive learning experience, but also creates strong bonds of friendship among students. From the preparation and case studies before class, living together in the classroom, to lunch hours and extracurricular activities, everything becomes an instrument for forging relationships that often go beyond the simple bond of peers and classmates.


The atmosphere and the dynamic that exists in the Nicaragua campus is, in one word: Family. Since it is not a very large community, staff and students interact closely. With most needs covered in terms of infrastructure and services, the campus becomes a kind of neighborhood to its members. Given that students live on campus, and must live in their homes with other participants, relationships often transcend that of mere peers or classmates, to that of an extended family. From the recreation rooms and tennis courts, to the study nights at home, a community environment is created.


Change through exchange


The foreigner stood out in the crowd, her face red from the sun and sweat clearly beading on her forehead. She stood bewildered at a busy intersection, overwhelmed by the general cacophony, looking across the street at the teeming traffic. Every possible space was occupied: vendors...

Entrepreneurship: The Magic Word

Entrepreneurship is like a magic word. Everyone knows what it is but there isn’t a specific formula to become an entrepreneur. Creativeness, boldness, perseverance, networking are essential ingredients for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have to venture into the market either with a new product...

Flies vs. Planes

"In our company we hunt flies, but the planes escape us." Surely, you've heard this statement many times. It reminds me of the flight I was on when I wrote this column; the passenger next to me never ceased to be on the lookout for a fly (F) buzzing around the cabin. He tells me it is his...

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