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Since 2010, with an initiative by INCAE’s president, Arturo Condo, MBA graduates have the opportunity to sign an ethical oath by which they commit to conduct business with loyalty and conscience, joining the worldwide movement known as "The Oath Project" created by a group of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.

Since 2012, MBA students founded INCAE’s MBA Oath Club, with the support of the Rector Arthur Condo. This group seeks to raise awareness concerning ethics in business.

Founded: May 24th, 2011.
Current Members: 63 current students, 83 members since inception.
Frequency of meeting and place: Various Activities.


We will represent the Club's worldwide Oath, promoting an ethical global business environment guided by the MBA Oath values of accountability, integrity, honor, honesty, respect, sustainability, professionalism and accountability.


To promote the employment of ethical standards in business and among MBA graduates committed to the Oath.

Who we are?

We are an Oath Club from INCAE with two flexible Campus:

Campus Francisco de Sola:

  • President: Carolyn Christie Gourzong
  • Vice-President: Carlos Zambrano
  • Secretary: Jessica Morales
  • Treasurer: Juan Fernando Cordova
  • Communication: Claudia Padilla
  • Projects: Anthony Valdes

Campus Walter Kissling

  • Chairman: Paul Brenner Roman
  • Vice-President Andrés Alonso
  • Secretary: Ana Lucia Orellana
  • Treasurer: Braulio Dominguez
  • Communication: Augustine Buchert

Official Representatives according to geographical area

  • Washington: Hellenic Barbosa
  • Panama: Henry Urcuyo
  • Guatemala: Juan Pablo Gomez
  • Cornell University, New York: Alvaro Salas

Lifetime Member Newsletter Editor MBA Oath Club

  • Juan Pablo Gomez

Our future

  • Increase the number of members (students and lifetime members).
  • Study the MBA Oath and make a positive impact in business.
  • Develop appropriate strategic alliances to strengthen institutional relationships.
  • Through interrelated activities, strengthen MBA Oath Club message of “Ethical Awareness".

MBA Oath Club news

Una metodología de aprendizaje diferente

En INCAE, tanto en el MBA como en los programas jr., se aprende a través del método de casos. Con esta metodología los estudiantes aprenden a manejar situaciones empresariales de la vida real y resolver problemas en ambientes controlados, bajo la guía de experimentados profesores. 

Participantes del Young Executive Program (YEP) y el Young Leadership Program (YLP) nos cuentan por qué esta metodología de aprendizaje les resultó valiosa.