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Leadership and Diversity Club

Leadership and Diversity Club


A supportive organization created by INCAE students with the intention of promoting the integral development of women and their potential as agents of change. Through programs such as mixed lectures, workshops and mentoring.

Fundation: Abril 2013

Members: 16

Website: Facebook Page


Support the development of women by promoting and recognizing them as agents of change in social, economic and political settings.


To form communities that support the diverse roles of women in society and serves as an encouragement to achieve successes. Achieving establish a network of INCAE extensive contacts within and with other schools business.

Who are we?

We are a group of students from INCAE Business School, with the objective of promoting the development of women and their potential as community agents of change. These are our committees:

Communication and Publication (Houed Melissa, Maria Eugenía Caballero, Melania)

-Ensure a space for the club's website INCAE
-Develop general design of the Club
-Promote the Social Media network of the Club
-Send out official Club announcements.

Networking (Julissa Almanzar, Marita Calliux, Maribel Mejia Gaby Bejarano)

-Ensure the recruitment of new members.
-Establish and maintain links between teachers, students and faculty to support the full integration of club members.
-Networking with general public and other existing clubs.

Strategic alliance (Robert Paula, Maria Fernanda Perez, Patricia Oviedo, Susana Rodriguez)
Aims to establish strategic alliances with different organizations that promote the development women in order to provide various lectures and/or workshops on campus.

Services: (Jackeline Tapia, Zoila Maldonado, Maria Alejandra Hernandez, Sheila Banegas, Maria René).

-Coordinate the creation of e-mail accounts.
-Manage the member database.
-Coordinate meetings and content.

Leadership and diversity club news

Una metodología de aprendizaje diferente

En INCAE, tanto en el MBA como en los programas jr., se aprende a través del método de casos. Con esta metodología los estudiantes aprenden a manejar situaciones empresariales de la vida real y resolver problemas en ambientes controlados, bajo la guía de experimentados profesores. 

Participantes del Young Executive Program (YEP) y el Young Leadership Program (YLP) nos cuentan por qué esta metodología de aprendizaje les resultó valiosa. 


Goals and Objectives

Short Term

  • Support Recruitment at INCAE.
  • Promote self-awareness through lectures on campus.
  • Increase networking, involving past graduates.

Long Term

  • Involving the campus at Nicaragua.
  • Establishing strategic alliances.
  • Establishing contacts with other MBA Schools.
  • Developing leadership skills of Club Members.
  • Providing programs that facilitate mentoring and development of women leaders.