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Alumni Affairs

The main pillar of the Advancement & Alumni Affairs´s office is to bring closer and reconnect the more than 16,600 Incaistas who are present in more than 50 countries and contribute to the professional development, Lifelong Learning Programs and networking with the Incaista community. In order to strengthen the relationship between its graduates and its alma mater, INCAE has established a new strategy based on five pillars: the incorporation of students in an Advisory council, continuity in learning through the Lifelong Learning Program, mentoring, alumni participation in fundraising and recognition of the success stories of the Incaistas.


As a graduate you have the opportunity to obtain benefits, one of them is through the Graduate network and the interaction throughout the activities that take place in the Institution, you can access and update your data continuously. You can also find access to Intranet Alumni, discounts in executive programs and as Alumni donor.

We trust that these benefits are very useful because they are made exclusively for you.


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