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What benefits does the INCAE acreditations represent for the INCAE Network?

  • This type of accreditation is a symbol of quality and guarantee our Master´s program.
  • Tey reaffirm the quality of INCAE to which they belong and make the network important.
  • This type of accreditation gives great value to each tittle and certificate INCAE gives to their graduate.

What is the Alumni Affairs Office?

The Office of Advancement & Alumni Affairs works to bring the community of decision makers closer with the purpose of creating networking opportunities that contribute to the advancement and personal and professional development of the entire INCAE community and thus increases the impact in their businesses, communities and countries.

The office is in charge of the relations between INCAE and all its main stakeholders - among them are its more than 16,500 graduates, allies, companies and individuals - offering different collaboration channels to create a win-win relationship for those involved.

For more information about our office, please get in here

What benefits do i have as an Incaista?

As a graduate you have the opportunity to obtain benefits, one of them is through the Graduate network and the interaction throughout the activities that take place in the Institution, you can access and update your data continuously. You can also find access to Intranet Alumni, discounts in executive programs and as Alumni donor.

We trust that these benefits are very useful because they are made exclusively for you.

How to contact my classmates?

In the Alumni Intranet you will find the Incaista´s Directory where you can look up the information of the entire network.

We invite you to explore the Incaista´s Directory

Who are graduates of INCAE?

1) Todos los graduados de los programas de Maestrías y énfasis

Programa Significado
MAE Maestría en Administración de Empresas
MBA Master in Business Administration
MEE Maestría en Economía Empresarial
MAIT Maestría en Administración Industrial y de la Tecnología
MARN Maestría de Recursos Naturales
MAEX Maestría Ejecutiva
EMBA Executive Master in Business Administration
MIAM Master in Agrobusiness Management
MMM Master in Medical Management

2) Todos los egresados de los siguientes Programas Ejecutivos:

Programa Significado
PAG Programa de Alta Gerencia
PAB Programa Administración Bancaria
PAF Programa de Administración Funcional
PEAE Programa de Estudios Avanzados en Economía
PAI Programa de Administración de Inversiones
DEG Diplomado en Gerencia
SMP Sustainability Management Program

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