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About the Office

The Office of Advancement & Alumni Affairs works to bring the community of decision makers closer with the purpose of creating networking opportunities that contribute to the advancement and personal and professional development of the entire INCAE community and thus increases the impact in their businesses, communities and countries.

The office is in charge of the relations between INCAE and all its main stakeholders - among them are its more than 16,500 graduates, allies, companies and individuals - offering different collaboration channels to create a win-win relationship for those involved.

In order to strengthen the relationship between our graduates and its Alma Mater, a new strategy was created based on five pillars: the incorporation of students and graduates in advisory councils, the continuity in the academic development of our graduates through the Lifelong Learning Program, the growth of their professional lives through a new mentoring program, the participation of the Alumni in the different giving initiatives and the institutional strategy and, finally, to encourage more and more the recognition of those alumni success stories.

INCAE has over 16,600 graduates, from more than 50 different nationalities, from its master's to senior management programs. Approximately 20 percent of this community are women. However, the percentage of women in the classroom has been increasing year after year, with a peak in 2013 when INCAE had over 45% women in its MBA programs.

INCAE maintains direct contact with its network of graduates, among them Managers, Directors and Presidents of the private sector, as well as public sector representatives, and entrepreneurs, who have helped develop the region over the past 50 years. 

Behind Alumni Affairs

  • Wendy Rodríguez

    Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs, LatAm
  • Alejandra Abarca

    Alumni & Advancement Affairs Manager
  • Magda Montiel De Franco

    Communications Manager for Advancement & Alumni Affairs
  • Viola Alemán

    Manager of Finance and Donor Services
  • Andrea Manzanares

    Alumni Programs Coordinator
  • Karola Fonseca

    Advancement & Alumni Coordinator for the US
  • Aixa González

    Alumni Fund Official, Panama
  • Alejandra Loría

    Alumni Fund Official, El Salvador