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INCAE´s mission is an integral development through education to prepare and train leaders in Latin America, it is through this responsible change that we can say that our graduates are not only in the business of making money; but in the business of changing lives. This is the main engine that makes all INCAE members be inspired and donate part of their funds to make this work, such as teaching, has an impact that transforms our Region. 

¡We are leaders, we are supportive, we are INCAISTAS!

How to support?

Incaista, you have the opportunity to make a change by contributing to those who seek the opportunity to develop their skills and who will contribute to makre a difference by creating values to become leaders and as graduates of INCAE Business School provide leadership in all areas of the lifetime.

Today is your chance to support the future generation and contribute to tomorrow´s Latin America. 

INCAE Foundation

Because you are the future

The main contribution of the INCAE Foundation is to collaborate with schollarships to students who are in Master´s program, as well as graduates enrolled in doctoral programs and who want to be part of the faculty in the future. Its mission is to support and strengthen management education in Central America.

Its contribution affects schollarship funds, research, centers of impacts and development of the faculty of INCAE, initiatives that promote the development of the Region.

Results thanks to you

Infrastructure projects

Our students deserve spaces that meet the highest quality standards while they live and study at INCAE. In order to provide the best study inviroments for our students, we must constantly carry out renovation and expansion projects, which include accommodation and information technologies in both Campus. Some of the projects that are being worked on are shown below. It is thanks to your contribution that all of this is possible.

Donors Wall

Donors and Contributors to INCAE

Discover the closest allies to INCAE who contribute to schollarships, infrastructures, impact center, and other initiatives to achive the INCAE´s mission.