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How to support INCAE?

Today is your opportunity to support the future generation and contribute to the Latin America of tomorrow, you also can give the opportunity to more youg people to become agents of change that our Region needs. 

You can choose where to take your contribution.

Where will you see your support reflected?


Through scholarships you have the opportunity to help talented compatriots in need of resources to fulfill their dream of becoming the leaders that only INCAE experience manage to create. With this, we will be more Incaistas and have stronger network, with young people prepared to create impact beyond their own lives, in the lives of many more.


INCAE´s mission is to promote the integral development of the countries where it serves.

The Academic and Research centers of INCAE contribute to the achievement of this mission, through the study of aspects of high relevance for the business community and the formulation of proposal for the sustainable development of the Latin American countries.

Campus Improvements

Each Campus seeks to be a high level academic complex and also provide several options for the comfort of students during their studies.

Campus Improvements

Anual Fund is the fund free of use and make possible to allocate resources where the institution needs it most. In most crucial moments this fund is the key to mitigate unplanned costs.

Results thanks to donations

¿Quieres saber en qué se invierte gracias a las donaciones de todos aquellos que nos apoyan para contribuir con el desarrollo de la región?