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Incaista Network

The Incaista network is a community of more than 16,600 graduates with more than 30 different nationalities in 60 countries. In order to make the network grow, strenghten the professional relationships, employment opportunities and entrepreneurship among Incaistas allies and friends, the Office of Advancement & Alumni promotes before and after the INCAE experience to connect with Incaistas for a better networking. 

Know our network

Incaista Directory

Our directory also known as The Intranet, is an exclusive tool for graduates. It´s purpose is to facilitate the communication between Incaistas by enabling contact information to the network of graduates. You can also update your profile in order to make your network grow.  

Alumni Magazine

The Alumni Magazine keeps the Incae´s community updated with the latest news from our graduates, faculty and Alma Mater. Join us and discover inspirational stories, events, distinctions and professional developments of Incaistas here...


The students at INCAE are an important part of the institution now and for the future. Learn more about the current classes profile, how to support them and their proffesional profile. 


The Incae´s network tool is the most important for our graduates and students. The graduate community is always looking for new opportunities, business, networking and contacts around the world. You can connect with incaistas close to you. 

Alumni Engagement

Learn about the different volunteer opportunities that exist within the Alumni Affairs initiatives. Each year, more than 2,000 Incaistas gather in different countries to make the network grow, support the causes such as scholarship funds for future Incaistas and offer their time to help their Alma Mater as mentors for students and recent graduates. INCAE motivates and promotes the Incaista´s community to participate in several ways.