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MBA Liderazgo Latinoamericano

This MBA allows students to focus their studies in specific areas of interest through different specializations such as Sustainability, Marketing, Operations & Technology, Finance & Economics or Entrepreneurship.

This program is designed to enhance the skills of each student, giving the opportunity to participite in a Management Consulting Project. The program is taught in Spanish with the possibility of studying elective classes in English.


MBA Global 2019

The Global Perspective MBA seeks to educate leaders in different sectors by improving their practices, attitudes and values, promoting the integral development of nations by learning the best business techniques combined with the experience of integration between two worlds: developed countries and emerging nations.

This MBA is developed in English and offers a variety of exchange opportunities with more than 34 universities, offering double degree programs around the world.

MBA Especializado 2019

The specialization program give facilities to the student with less management experience, focusing their studies toward specific goals and enhance the knowledge in areas of particular interest.

Students develop the teamwork skills to face challenging opportunities and situations in their communities. The main purpose of this program is for students to focus their studies in a specific area, according to their needs: Susteinability, Marketing, Operations &Technology, Finance & Economics or Entrepreneurship.