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Discover Different Ways to Stay Connected with INCAE

The constant participation and involvement within the Incae Network, events, and initiatives of each country helps INCAE to achieve its mission, generating the future leaders of the region. You can be part of the INCAE community by participating in events and at the same time make your network grow, update your professional  development, support recent graduates and give the opportunities for new candidates to enter INCAE.

- Join Desafío País and meet Incaistas who are interested in fundraising for scholarships.

- Mentoring for current students and recent graduates.

- Be a volunteer and support us to organize Alumni events close to you. 

- Get together with candidates with Master´s degree and share your experience.


Desafío País

Desafío País

Ayudando a fortalecer la estrategia de INCAE

Desafío País was born in 2016 as a friendly competition between the countries with the largest population of Incaistas measuring the participation of the Alumni in activities which are specially organized for you. Considering this, a volunteer team of graduates created, led by an Ambassador for each country, whose commitment with INCAE is the constant support, motivation and contact with classmates and INCAE colleagues of your country to approach the institution.

Today, this group of ambassadors, vice-chairs an volunteers participate in fundraising to achieve INCAE´s mission in their country through Beca País. This scholarship support students in need of financial assistance of the master´s degree in their studies, otherwise they could not attend. Supporting Beca País, the funds directly help students from your country of residence or like you desire.


INCAE Graduate Advisory Board

INCAE Graduate Advisory Board

The INCAE Graduate Advisory Board, is a group of volunteers working in the institution who are looking to create the Alma Mater culture with Incaista´s community, contributing with ideas, promoting continuous improvement in INCAE, and supporting different initiatives of the Advancement & Alumni office. Our main goal is to be ambassadors commited for our Alma Mater.

The objective includes:

- Promote the development of inter institutional communication, therefore a better organizational enviroment.

- Promote and lead initiatives that improve student life on each Campus.

- Become "sounding board" and "proposition board" of institutional initiatives, focused on the reactivation of Incae´s network.



Be part of INCAE mentorships

The INCAE Mentorship Program supports currect students preparing for their professional development from the first day at INCAE. With more than 60 active mentors, the program connects students and Incaistas mentors with similar interests such as the growth of their contact networks, job search guidance, soft skills practice and job interviews, CVreview and more. We invite you to join this effort which supports more than 3 classes each year.

Meet our mentors here.