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Research at INCAE

The results of the research carried out at INCAE are disseminated internationally and made available to governments, the business sector and society in general, in the search that these exert influence and be generators of positive changes.

The knowledge of the Faculty of INCAE, acquired in the research in the region, enriches the different educational options offered by INCAE, thus collaborating in the training of business leaders for Latin America.

Centers and Research Chairs

Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development

Its mission is to promote sustainable development in the region through applied research, capacity building and dialogue. It works in close collaboration with government agencies, international organizations, organizations and private sector companies.

Center for Collaborative Leadership and for Women

It promotes equal opportunities for women in Latin America and makes it easier for both men and women to develop a collaborative leadership that generates value for their organizations and societies through research, education and community impact.

Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs

This center is responsible for the following main areas: Entrepreneurship training, support for entrepreneurs, support for Alumni, knowledge dissemination and academic research.

In academic research, he is responsible for the organization of forums, conferences and other spaces for discussing the reality of entrepreneurship in the region.

Strachan Chair for Philanthropy and Social Investment

In January 2013, a group of investors led by philanthropist Harry W. Strachan created a donation fund with the purpose of funding a research program focused on social investment and philanthropy in Central America.

Chair René Morales Carazo of Entrepreneurship

It is based on the construction of academic material for the empowerment of entrepreneurs in Latin America. He has the René Morales Carazo scholarship, which seeks to promote entrepreneurial spirit among young people in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Steve Aronson Chair for Strategy and Business

Mr. Steve Aronson, founder of the Britt Group N.V. He made an important donation to INCAE Business School for the development of a Research Chair, which is known in other countries as an "Endowed Chair or Professorship", to assign resources to a professor to do research on a specific topic. Its funds are dedicated to the study of the business strategies of agroindustrial companies in developing economies, particularly in Tropical Latin America.


The INCAE libraries are among the most complete in Latin America in the fields of administration and economics. Other subjects that are widely represented in the collection are: sustainable development, environment and tourism. There is extensive coverage of the economic and social conditions of Latin America and the world economy.