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INCAISTAS among the best Entrepreneurs of 2014

11 de December 2014 (Mauren Esquivel)

INCAE, December 11th, 2014—INCAE is proud to have two of our INCAISTAS recognized among the Best Entrepreneurs of 2014 according to the periodical, El Financiero. 

Gerardo Corrales, who holds a Masters in Business Administration with and emphasis in banking and finance from INCAE (class XXII-1990), is currently the General Manager of the Bank BAC in San Jose, Costa Rica and Executive Vice-President of the financial group, BAC Credomatic. 

Another entrepreneurial figure that stands out is Alonso Bogantes, Masters in Business Administration from INCAE (class XL-2002), who is now the General Manager of Matra. 

The annual, entrepreneur prize was created by El Financiero, 18 years ago and awarded for the first time in December of 1996.  It was meant to recognize leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, friends of change and challenge and overall, those who are guided by high ethical values. 

This year 22 recognitions were presented in the following categories: Innovation, Management, Career Trajectory, Investment, Expansion, Entrepreneurship, Public Figure, Honorable Mentions and Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. 

Corrales was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year due to the growth and financial results achieved by the bank and financial group BAC Credomatic under his leadership. 

Alonso Bogantes was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in the category of Career Trajectory.  Two years ago, the corporation Machinery and Tractors (Matra) began a diversification strategy to attract small and mid-size clients.  Consequently, they have invested around $60,000 in an expansion plan and $40,000 in the establishment of new stores for accessories under the direction of Bogantes.

In previous years other award winners have included Rodrigo Uribe, class VIII-1975, President of Corporación Más x Menos; Ernesto Castegnaro, class VIII-1976 and President of Grupo Bac San Jose; Luis Javier Castro, CALI class I-2006, President of Meso-American Investments.  Also included are Harry Strachan, Associate Director Emeritus of Meso-American Investments who was a professor and president of INCAE. 

With 50 years of experience in Latin America, INCAE Business School has offered more than 60 full-time, MBA programs, more than 20 executive MBA programs and more than 100 executive training programs throughout the entire region.  INCAE has qualified consistently in the past years as the best Business School in Latin America and has obtained recognition as being part of the 10 best Business Schools in the world in Corporate Strategy and Economics. 

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