Beltran Macchi Salin of Paraguay is the new INCAE Business School Distinguished Graduate of 2014 | INCAE Master Programs

Beltran Macchi Salin of Paraguay is the new INCAE Business School Distinguished Graduate of 2014

17 de December 2014 (Mauren Esquivel)

INCAE, December 16, 2014—Beltran Macchi Salin, president of Visión Banco SAECA, in Paraguay and MBA graduate (class XX of 1988 / Advanced Management Program Participant in 2001), was chosen as the distinguished INCAE Business School graduate of 2014. This distinction is given to alumni for their professional and personal career, which represents the values of leadership, ethics and social responsibility and the INCAE mission to actively promote development in regional countries.

INCAE’s main objective is its graduates; professionals whose characteristics and personal strengths become amplified, highlighted and reinforced during their studies and once in the service of their countries, these attributes are the basis of their managerial and personal achievements. That is why this year, the Incae network and faculty recognizes Beltran Macchi Salin from Paraguay as a graduate with honors with a "Concentration in Banking and Finance.” Visión S.A. Finance was created in 1992 and was the first Paraguayan financial institution to incorporate an institutional shareholder, Action Investments.

After 15 years leading the microfinance market, it moved on to operate in the banking category thus becoming Visión Banco S.A.E.C.A. "The First Microfinance Bank of Paraguay." With currently already 20 years in the market it has 90 branches throughout the Paraguayan territory, 400,000 customers and 2000 employees. "A future vision for the world can be very important, so one of the clearest challenges is how do we integrate and how do we work together with the major challenges and opportunities and how do we work together against problems," said Beltran.

Past Recognitions:

The selection of distinguished graduates began in 2009 and that year INCAE designated Diego Pulido Aragon of Guatemala, who earned his MBA in 1973 and Maria Eugenia Brizuela de Ávila of El Salvador, who received her Executive MBA in 1996 and attended the Advanced Management Program in 1987.

In 2010, the distinguished graduates included: Ricardo Sagrera, MBA 1971 and 1994; Tanya Avellan, MBA, President of Hilasal Group and General Manager of Central America for Coca Cola Femsa, respectively. The distinguished graduate of 2011 was Ernesto Castegnaro Odio, current president and CEO of BAC International Bank and president and CEO of Credomatic International Corporation. In 2012 the award went to Gilberto Perezalonso, MBA graduate, class VI of 1974 and president of the board for Volaris. Last year the distinguished graduate was Mr. Rodrigo Uribe MBA 75, Founder of Cuestamoras Group.

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