MCPs sponsored by the Strachan Chair received high distinction

03 de July 2018
Wilberth Gutiérrez

Two groups of students of INCAE’s Professional MBA Program carried out this year their Management Consulting Project (MCP) at Central American non-profits thanks to sponsorship from the Strachan Chair for Philanthropy and Social Investment. They were Karen Chambi, Adolfo Sobalbarro, Pablo Cruz, Ángel Salinas, and Víctor Motta who traveled to Panama to consult with Fundación Espacio Creativo. Also Victoria Pérez, Jimena Acosta, Gabriel Morales, Oscar Núñez and Jorge Llosa conducted their MCP at Fundación Rutas Naturbanas in Costa Rica.

The MCP involves consultancy performed by groups of five MBA students at different organizations as a graduation requirement at the end of their master's programs. It is a high value-added initiative through which consulting teams contribute their knowledge to solve issues, thus adding value to companies and organizations.

"Through this project, the Chair seeks to strengthen students’ leadership and social awareness so that they can later include them into their professional performance. At the same time, we are contributing to develop management capacities at organizations with social impact in the region," said Chair Director Andrea Prado.

Both groups of students received high distinction as a recognition to their performance. Consultancies consisted of a Financial Sustainability Plan for Rutas Naturbanas and a Business Plan for Fundación Espacio Creativo.

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