INCAE’s Global MBA students experience first-hand the cradle of technological undertakings at Silicon Valley

27 de August 2018
Wilberth Gutiérrez

As part of formal activities of the 2018 Global MBA Program of INCAE Business School and for the second year in a row, 28 INCAE students visited Silicon Valley in San Francisco for a week last July. This trip was aimed to give students the opportunity to experience first-hand the cradle of technological undertakings and to approach some of the most innovative companies in order to learn about their growth processes.

While there, students were exposed to cutting-edge business models and learned from the inside how they work. In addition, they visited leading companies and explored their management and innovation processes.

The activities included tours to Google, HP, Docusign and NASA, in addition to a couple of incubators, The Vault and Plug and Play. These visits allowed them to see from inside the business models and the processes used to launch global companies. There were also tourist tours of San Francisco to visit the Golden Gate and Lucas Films.

"The visit to Google was extremely rewarding. We were welcomed by staff from the Talent Department who explained the entire process to join Google. We also had three valuable open discussions with employees from different Google departments," said Francisco Pérez, Director of the Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs, who accompanied the students throughout the entire tour. Then he added, "From my own perspective, these activities reaching students outside the Entrepreneurship major are highly valuable. Both entrepreneurship and innovation are powerful tools in today's work environment, and what can be better than experiencing firsthand the world's most important ecosystem, Silicon Valley. "

Peruvian Mariana Okeda enjoyed and learned from this experience: "The trip to San Francisco was undoubtedly one of the top experiences in our Master's program. We had the opportunity to visit the offices of many internationally renowned companies, and to learn from the experience of entrepreneurs. Visiting San Francisco allowed us to see another part of the world, where we learned many things to implement in our countries. We also had time to go sightseeing and enjoy a cosmopolitan city with lots of things to offer. Going to San Francisco was the best way to close our master's program."

"The trip to Silicon Valley was an opportunity to open our minds to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United States and, in a way, to realize the improvement opportunities we have in Latin America. This occurred thanks to visits to different accelerators such as Plug N Play and Sky Deck, as well as to established companies such as Google and Globant (a company that emerged from Latin America)," said Alejandro Villalobos, a Costa Rican student of the 2018 Global MBA Program.

Alejandra Pereira, also a student from Costa Rica, was very pleased to participate. "Having the opportunity to listen to and learn from people who work at Silicon Valley and daily live at the innovation hub is a unique, enriching experience. Definitely, it changes your mindset regarding what entrepreneurship is and the need to dare go after what you want."

Colombian Hci Lai Choi stated, "Our visit to San Francisco was inspiring thanks to the experiences shared by the firms we visited and the people with whom we engaged in networking. Truly this is a week adding value to the program and encouraging us to attain our goals once we graduate."

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