Hilasal CEO Ricardo Sagrera shared with Executive MBA students a live case study about his social investment project Improve yourself!

13 de December 2018

Executive MBA students participated in a live case study last October 12 together with Ricardo Sagrera, President and CEO of Grupo Hilasal. The event, led by Harry Strachan, revolved around the strategy of Supérate! (Improve Yourself!), a program of the Sagrera Palomo Foundation, founded and chaired by Mr. Sagrera and closed the course Creating Value with Principles taught by Professor Andrea Prado. Supérate! is an educational program aimed at low-income youth in El Salvador, allowing them to improve their employability and therefore their own standard of life and that of their families. The discussion revolved around alternatives to promote innovation in the program’s educational offer, the management of organizational culture in a social franchise, and the generation of a sense of belonging and social impact among the graduates of the program. At the end of the event, Mr. Sagrera shared the decisions he made to face the challenges raised at the beginning of the class, as well as his experience leading social investment. In addition, Professors Harry Strachan and Andrea Prado encouraged participants to design their own personal social investment strategy.

According to the Strachan Chair’s Director Andrea Prado, it is essential for INCAE MBA graduates to take part in this learning process. "Live cases are intended to help students learn, about the value of developing social investment initiatives either personally or from their companies as future managers or entrepreneurs."

The Strachan Chair was founded by Harry W. Strachan, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former rector and professor of INCAE. It is funded by the Strachan Foundation and friends of Bain Capital. The Chair continually organizes live cases with entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the region who are active in social investment, so that they can inspire and share their experiences and learning with the INCAE community. For more information about the Strachan Chair click here.