INCAE and Vital Voices Costa Rica unite to support Nicaraguan women entrepreneurs

13 de December 2018

Last October 15 Doctor Alberto Trejos, Faculty Dean of INCAE Business School, lectured at Costa Rica Country Club on the new direction of the world and what it means to Costa Rica and Latin America.

"Things have changed around the entire world," he said. "In the final analysis, those changes come from technology, the political transition the world underwent with the end of the Cold War and the international crisis a decade ago. Those changes, especially the ones related to technologies, have been huge. Not only the way we produce changed a lot, but also the economy and also geopolitics, and even to some extent the way we engage in domestic politics. Today we face a world with a lot of opportunities and illusions, but it also raising concerns and a sense of change that is out of control, which we may not have felt for a long time," he said. This event was organized by INCAE’s Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership (CLCM) and Vital Voices Costa Rica. All of the funds raised were designated for women entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses from the Vital Voices Nicaragua network, who have been impacted by the current socio-political crisis in that country.

CLCM Director Gabriela Lucke commented: "Since the goal of the Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership is to further the competitiveness of women entrepreneurs to create value for society through training and impact activities, we decided to support this initiative in conjunction with Vital Voices Costa Rica. Thus, we are supporting Vital Voices Nicaraguan entrepreneurs to strengthen them with training, especially in times of crisis."

The funds raised will help offer them workshops and business management/leadership programs to provide them with tools to survive and grow their businesses in a difficult environment. "The support of INCAE’s Center for Collaborative and Women's Leadership and of Vital Voices Costa Rica shows once again the importance of being part of a network, of creating connections, and of supporting one another. They saw the struggle of our women in Nicaragua who need a helping hand. The financial support is really helpful, but the impact goes much farther. Knowing that we have the backing from our friends in Costa Rica is priceless," said Michelle Johnson, President of Vital Voices Nicaragua. In addition, a Silent Auction was conducted at the event with unique products from these Nicaraguan entrepreneurs as another way to support them.