Speech made by INCAE Rector Enirique Bolaños at The National Dialogue held in Nicaragua

04 de March 2019




Your Eminence, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Bishop of Managua;

Your Eminence, Monsignor Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertag, Apostolic Nuncio to Nicaragua;

Representatives of the Government of Nicaragua;

Representatives of Alianza Cívica por la Justicia y la Democracia:

Today, February 27, 2019, I am pleased to welcome you to INCAE in order to start a dialogue aimed at achieving a solution to the political problems currently afflicting Nicaragua. To the Cardinal and to the Nuncio my respect and admiration. I am sure your participation in this dialogue will be highly valuable. Your presence strengthens this encounter and inspires tranquility and confidence.

INCAE, founded in 1964 with a mission to contribute to the integral development of the countries it serves, receives you today on our campus. We have been present in Nicaragua for more than 50 years. For several generations we have trained the human capital allowing Nicaragua to modernize and develop. We helped at the earthquake crisis of 1972. In the 80s we trained public servants and in 1988 we hosted a presidential meeting for peace agreements; we took part in the negotiation of CAFTA that has brought so much good to Nicaragua. Now, we open our doors to this key dialogue for the future of our country. We will be supporting you as much as we can.

A look at our history will reveal that since the first days of independence in 1821 we have experienced tragedy after tragedy; permanent discord between brothers that has always kept us in deep poverty with little hope for prosperity, welfare and happiness for our people. This very people now suffering again one more of our crises.

Philosopher Alejandro Serrano Caldera summarized our history as a circular path where future is just the past that returns.

Today you are facing a challenge and a historic opportunity to build the path to the future, fixing together the mistakes made in the past. We are at a juncture that, unfortunately, repeats itself over and over again in our history, giving us a choice to remake ourselves as worthy citizens or to continue destroying ourselves step by step, day by day.

The future of our country looks very gloomy, gentlemen. Believe me. We cannot just stay here; we must make our way to the peace and prosperity of our people. All of you have an individual, historical responsibility to the country. The responsibility to be honored to achieve that goal.

I ask you to work towards the construction of an equitable and peaceful Nicaragua, with justice and democracy, both prosperous and sustainable as we all dream it.

We deserve a good Nicaragua for everyone. We must build a vision and a collective direction for the nation, to reach a mature agreement based on our differences in order to find common ground. This will require solid institutions, always in line with the interests of our country, which will lead us to a promising future for the generations to come.

As the Nuncio has said, if we unite "in sincere, open dialogue" a national commitment for the good of all, with a lasting solution among Nicaraguans ensuring and respecting everyone’s rights will be more viable and closer.

I leave you with one last reflection heard in a talk by Dr. Julia Téllez at INCAE, "We must not only think about what country we are leaving to our children, but also what children we are leaving to our country."

Again, welcome to INCAE, and may God enlighten you for the good of our country.

Thank you very much.