INCAE Students donate their time to support NGOs

29 de March 2019

Donating time to support non-governmental organizations is an initiative led by INCAE Social Responsibility Club. It consists of a consultancy program with NGOs belonging to the Yo Me Uno program sponsored by BAC Credomatic.

The Yo Me Uno program seeks to help NGOs linked to regional development in order for them to improve their management capacity as a result of training and support received through BAC’s operational and technological platform, as well as from strategic allies sustaining these organizations.

INCAE’s Social Responsibility Club is a student group led by a nine-member Board and supported by Professor Margaret Grigsby, which seeks to sensitize INCAE students about the importance of corporate social responsibility.

This year, the Club's initiatives have been very successful thanks to student participation and commitment. Sixty-one students volunteered to advise NGOs organizations on administrative issues.

In addition, as part of the Club’s activities and the partnership with BAC, 67 students participated in the workshop "CSR beyond philanthropy" offered last February by Luis Maestroeni, CSR Manager of BAC Credomatic.

These workshops complemented the training INCAE students receive on these topics and focused on exploring new trends around the world in prevention of business risks and how to handle them innovatively. According to Maestroeni, new markets and risks have arisen in the business context in relation to specific social and environmental aspects that must be taken into account, and that do not necessarily represent a monetary risk.

The students received support from the Strachan Chair of Philanthropy and Social Investment. "Applying the management concepts that students learn during their master's program and getting involved with these organizations has a twofold effect. First, they see how these concepts can have a social impact through management. Second, it raises their level of social conscience and responsible leadership," said INCAE Professor and Strachan Chair Director Andrea Prado.

To learn more about this and other projects, go to the Facebook page of INCAE’s RSE Club.