INCAE and Gensler bring to Costa Rica a high-level discussion on the future of cities

25 de June 2019

By Randall Corella

Within a framework of high-level discussion attended by more than 50 local leaders from different sectors and industries of the country, INCAE Business School and Gensler organized the 2019 Design Forecast Costa Rica: Creating the Future of Cities.

The event took place in the Walter Kissling Gam Campus in Alajuela on June 12. It focused on redesigning cities around human experience, an in-depth analysis of the trends by the Gensler Research Institute on the role of design in the creation of spaces in different cities around the world.

The activity consisted of three high-level panels on topics such as innovation in cities, buildings as the basis of successful cities, and the era of human experience. Each included blocks of opinion, discussion, and questions from the participants.

Dr. Roberto Artavia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of INCAE, was in charge of opening the activity with a presentation highlighting the importance of these initiatives to place human experience at the center of everything we create.

During the first panel of the day, the importance of public-private partnerships, together with the civil society, in creating sustainable cities and their positive impact on the environment, social progress, and the country's productivity was discussed.

The discussion comprised a unique group of panelists from the public and the private sectors, including Gensler Regional Director for Latin America, Christian Wolff. It was moderated by Lucía Artavia, advisor to the Office of the First Lady on urban planning and public transportation.

"We know that, for the first time in the history of mankind, more people are living in cities. So, to build the world we want to live in, we must create the kind of cities in which we want to live, work, and have fun. We at Gensler believe that human experience should be at the forefront of creating these spaces in the city," said Wolff in his presentation.

In the next block of the day, after the presentation by Robert Fuller, Expert in Mixed Use and Urban Development of Gensler New York, panel # 2 expanded the discussion about the building and the district as a building blocks for successful cities.

Finally, the third panel was preceded by a presentation by Jessica Mora, Regional Director of Customer Experience & Service Channels of BAC Credomatic, who took Panel # 3 through the transformation of BAC Credomatic in the era of experience.

In closing the activity, Co-Director of Gensler Costa Rica Jessica García stressed that cities are centers of opportunities, innovation and ideas. "We have to think about cities under a circular economy, to be a collectivity in order to bring about change," she said.

Cities will determine the future of humanity, so, Design Forecast aims to bring together clients and leaders to share ideas, explore, and co-create the forces that will impact cities and influence human experience for decades.

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