Forty-one youth experienced INCAE’s Young Executive Program (YEP)

02 de July 2019

INCAE’s Young Executive Program (YEP) held in Walter Kissling Gam Campus in Costa Rica on June 24-29 brought together 41 young people from 11 countries including Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, and Colombia from a variety of careers in law, economics, engineering, and tourism, among others. YEP contents for the week included Companies and their Environment, Business Operations and Processes, Financial Management, Personal Finance, Marketing, and Digital Business.

"YEP is based on a systemic, comprehensive vision of organizations where key methodologies, tools, and criteria are used to strategically guide the activity of organizations in their different areas," said YEP Academic Director Luis López.

Professor López added: "YEP is intended for young leaders and promising talents in their senior years of college who require a comprehensive vision to make decisions under multidimensional perspectives. Also for professionals starting their careers, with one or two years of work experience, who wish to strengthen their profiles and excel in performing within a specific area, as well as for youth already in the labor market seen by their organizations as candidates with potential to grow in managerial positions."

The main goals YEP is expected to be achieved each year include,

  • Strengthen knowledge about functional areas and their management.
  • Achieve a comprehensive perspective of companies' activities in light of organizational strategies.
  • Diagnose complex situations, provide alternative solutions, set scenarios, and define realistic action plans.
  • Acquire instruments and tools contributing to better communication between company departments.
  • Improve the ability to analyze and make decisions.
  • Understand the role companies play in developing the environment and how it impacts them.

"Through YEP my professional profile evolved at a management level, integrating new business trends worldwide. Today, I can say that I have a family throughout Latin America thanks the colleagues I lived with," said participant Yessenia Rojas Copari from Bolivia.

Sergio Marroquín from Guatemala added: "For eight months I have had a company in Guatemala. YEP gave me a much broader management perspective and now I know I must go back to deal with issues in my supply chain and to motivate my people differently."

Leading professors teaching in this Program include Dr. Luis López (Academic Director of YEP), Dr. Roy Zúñiga (Academic Director of the Young Leadership Program - YLP), and Doctors Nicolás Marín, Juan Carlos Barahona, José Exprúa, Bernard Kilian, Carlos Quintanilla y Francisco de Paula Gutiérrez. Al of them are renowned Faculty members whose work both inside and outside INCAE has been widely recognized.

In addition to YEP, participants who also attend the Young Leadership Program (YLP), and who submit projects of their interest to be supervised by the lead professor can also choose the Young Executives Management Program (YEMP) certificate accredited by INCAE. This aims to train future managers by building a knowledge base of functional areas and developing skills to respond efficiently to changes in the environment.

The Young Leadership Program will be held on July 1 - 7 under the academic direction of Doctor Roy Zúñiga.