Women’s leadership is key to business survival and competitiveness

22 de August 2019

Companies promoting gender diversity in their own leadership teams are more profitable and more productive, so they are more likely to survive in the Latin American market of the 21st century. That is one of the conclusions reached in the research study conducted by INCAE What is the key to business competitiveness in the 21st century? To meet the needs of the women's market to be aired by CNN en Español  starting on Wednesday, August 21.

This study, conducted by Susan Clancy, Professor of Women & Leadership and Business Ethics courses at INCAE, analyzes the growth of women's consumer power in Latin America and the world, as well as the link between gender diversity in business leadership and financial performance of companies.  

“Capitalizing on this new Latin American market will require changes in the way of doing business and developing new products, services and marketing techniques. Companies that quickly adopt effective gender diversity strategies and promote them among their leadership teams will have a competitive advantage,” says Professor Clancy.

This research study displays the results of a confidential survey conducted among employees from five different consumer goods MNCs, 13 large, successful family businesses and 14 commercial banks in Latin America.  

It also highlights that, even though women are a significant economic force and account for more than half of the regional talent, they are underrepresented in Latin American companies. Strikingly, in the companies researched neither men nor women supported the need for company policies to promote gender diversity.

“Bringing more women into leadership positions has nothing to do with gender equity. It is all about company survival in the rapidly changing market of the 21st century,” concluded Professor Clancy.

The findings of the study What is the key to business competitiveness in the 21st century? To meet the needs of the women's market will be aired on CNN en Español and from Wednesday, August 21 on.


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