2019 third edition of INCAE Assessment Day held for more than 100 students

11 de September 2019

The Third Edition of 2019 INCAE's Assessment Day was held on August 27, 2019 for the students of the 2019 Global MBA Program and the 2019 Latin American Leadership MBA Program at Walter Kissling Gam Campus in Alajuela, Costa Rica. This was an activity organized by INCAE's Career Services Department and directed by Professor Margaret Rose Grigsby. INCAE's Assessment Day is part of INCAE's employability program for MBA students.

“This activity is essential for students' career development. In this edition, we were supported by 58 mentors with managerial and team leading experience. They gave feedback to students scheduled to graduate next November as they prepared for their future work processes,” said Gloriana Cumming, Director of INCAE Career Services.

Mentors participating in the 2019 Assessment Day include CEOs, directors, managers, consultants, and recruiters from leading local and multinational companies.

Professor Margaret Grigsby led the dynamics of the day between mentors and students.

 “The main contribution of the Assessment Day to MBA students is to provide them with practical experience about their future, either as entrepreneurs looking for investors or in job interviews. All of this takes place with support from world-class experts and professionals from various fields including finance, marketing, supply chain, general management, human resources, and so on,” said Professor Grigsby.

Subsequently, Professor Grigsby briefly explained the activities, and introduced mentors to students. Next, dynamics for the day such as role play, speed interviewing (first impressions), and individual mentoring started. In closing, participation certificates were delivered and the activity ended with a networking cocktail for mentors and students.

"The most valuable thing about the Assessment Day is that students have a chance to have" awkward" conversations, they may not have had before. Also, they can prepare themselves with tools and soft skills to have these discussions with peers, subordinates, or even bosses. I think that helps them a lot to enter the work environment and convey their message properly,” said mentor Ana Lucía Garro from Power House.

Daniel Cedeño, a student from INCAE’s Global Perspective MBA Program commented: “I believe these activities are very useful as they expose us to different professionals whom we approached and talked to. We told them about our business and life plans and they gave us valuable feedback we need so much. In a short period of time and a dedicated space we learned a lot about something we may have taken months to learn outside.”

Next events planned include INCAE’s Career Fair scheduled for September 4, 2019; INCAE’s 2020-I Assessment Day, to be held next February; INCAE’s Career Fair in Costa Rica in March 2020, and INCAE’s Career Fairs in Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador in June 2020.