LID Talks 2019 has a winner

11 de September 2019

2019 LID Talks was held on August 22 at the Walter Kissling Gam Campus of INCAE Businesss School in Alajuela, Costa Rica. It was intended to allow INCAE students to enhance their own communication skills, and share their experiences under the topic selected for the 2019 edition of LID Talks: "Feeling comfortable while being uncomfortable".

The coordinating team included 2019 Global Perspective MBA Daniel Cardeño, Chairman of the Leadership Club, who was the main organizer of the event. Speakers: Arturo Jiménez (2020 LL1 MBA and 2019 LL2 MBA Nathalie Barrios; Financial Director and Event Organizer Jaritza Burgos (2019 LL2 MBA); 2019 LL2 MBA Cinthia Ibañez who was responsible for juries and coaches; 2020 LL1 MBAs Isaac Vindas and Liliana Quintero, in charge of Communication and Brand Management; 2019 LL2 MBA Karina Meléndez and 2020 LL1 MBA Josué Solano, Marketing, and 2020 LL1 MBA Harold Flores and 2019 LL2 MBA Silvia Castillo, responsible for Logistic.

LID Talks begins with an open call to all INCAE community members to participate as speakers in the event. With support from the event sponsor Professor Carlos Rodríguez, seven speakers were selected. Next, they went through an incubation process with communication and public speaking professionals to improve their stories and techniques. This was a great opportunity for those wishing to polish their leadership and communication skills.

On the day of the event, participants were given eight minutes to make their speech in front of an open audience. And at the same time they were evaluated by a panel of expert jurors to choose a winner who will have a secured position for the next TEDxINCAE, as well as intensive training to continue improving his/her presentation.

“The Leadership Club aims to generate integral leaders for the region by focusing on three dimensions: personal, professional, and social. LID Talks fosters communication and public management skills by further developing the personal dimension. This is an important requirements for the leaders we need”, said Daniel Cardeño, Chairman of the Board of LID Talks.

Three INCAE coaches provided support during this event. They were Career Services Director Gloriana Cumming (with more than 13 years of Marketing and Communication experience); Certified Coach Héctor Martínez Research who holds a Ph.D. degree from Weatherhead School of Management and serves as INCAE Faculty member, and Starfire Effect CEO Aurelia Garrido, who has taught the Storytelling course at INCAE.

Felipe Córdoba, Public Relations Professional and current Student Life Coordinator at INCAE and Alberto Ulloa, INCAE's MBA Executive Director and former Commercial Director of the Coca Cola Company for Central America served as jurors.

Ernesto Moreno, Founder and CEO of Yuxta Energy and founder of Sistema B in Central America was the special guests. He lectured at TEDx about Our Energy Abundance.

Seven students of INCAE’s three MBA Programs took part in LID Talks, dealing with various topics. They were Ana Piedra (Cancer in Leadership Style), Paul Gerónimo (Hack your mind); Estephany Matheus (Self-motivation); Anabell Morán (The best version of yourself); Rayber Aguilar, The turns of life; Fanny Vargas (Discomfort in the theater) and César Figueroa, who won with Emotional Intelligence, based on five principles: 1. Emotional self-awareness, 2. Self-regulation, 3. Motivation, 4. Empathy, and 5. Social skills.

“From the beginning, César was confident and handled a single thread during his entire presentation, which allowed him great management of his audience. His good structuring of ideas and his way of telling his story made the audience enjoy every minute,”said Mr. Cardeño. Next he added: “LID Talks was based on how someone can overcome discomfort to achieve comfort, and César managed to convey that message the best way.

LID Talks was attended by some 100 people including faculty members, administrative staff, and students. Also approximately 100 other people followed it via streaming. To see the event click here.

During 2019 the LID Club has engaged in different activities with leading professionals, including a discussion with Oscar Rodríguez about The Essence of Leadership, Max Anderson’s workshop on board of directors, and Héctor Martínez with his coaching workshop Intentional Change.

On November 11 a conference with the INCAE’s Dean of Executive Education Camelia llie-Cardoza will be held, followed by a discussion with GBM Corporation Management Services Director María Teresa Castro Fernández; TEDx INCAE, and many others are events and activities.

The coordinating team members expressed their appreciation to both board members and the Leadership Club.