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Flies vs. Planes

02 de December 2014

German Retana
"In our company we hunt flies, but the planes escape us." Surely, you've heard this statement many times. It reminds me of the flight I was on when I wrote this column; the passenger next to me never ceased to be on the lookout for a fly (F) buzzing around the cabin. He tells me it is his first...

Morals from a broken shoe!

14 de November 2014

German Retana
While I was giving a conference for business leaders and I felt some discomfort in one shoe. I figured a piece of trash had stuck to the...

"Sincericide and Sincericides"

24 de October 2014

German Retana
Those expressing criteria at the expense of acceptance, prestige or popularity commit sincericide ; and sincericides are those that say...

The noise of the silent

29 de May 2014

German Retana
There exist people who don’t respond to electronic messages, if that means recognizing a mistake or making decisions regarding...

How to make enemies?

22 de January 2014

German Retana
By Professor German Retana. Weird title, right? However, being realists, sometimes what could be a road to construct solid relations within...