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Career Planning

As graduation approaches, students will have acquired a vast amount of experience and knowledge, and INCAE seeks to help them find the best opportunities. The Career Services Department is designed to develop strategic alliances with national and international corporations enabling a valuable network between talented students, alumni and potential employers. With this in mind, we have created a number of platforms and services to promote career opportunities and connection. Open communication channels are our greatest asset allowing us to efficiently gather and share information on current market demands for supply and labor.


Online Recruitment System

Online Recruitment System

Program designed to facilitate access to the CVs (Resumes) of all students and graduates so that companies can recruit online (permanent positions, internships and other positions). It is also free and open to the general public businesses in our student profiles.

Professional Talent Fair

Career Fair

This fair is focused on students in the regular Masters’ Program. It seeks to facilitate available employment opportunities at INCAE through activities such as Open Forum, presentations by companies, interviews, Application Test, Lunch Networking, applications ...

Management Consulting Practice

Management Consulting Project (MCP)

The project will address an important issue that the management of a company needs to solve, with the help of a group of students from our MBA program working as a consulting team. Consultancy fees are waived by the students-consultants and INCAE, and the benefited company only needs to cover direct expenses related to the project.

Jobs for INCAE  graduates

Jobs for INCAE  graduates (BTI)

BTI is designed to provide information about all job offers in the INCAE community which is comprised by approximately 16,000 professionals. This is a completely free service, open to public business interested in profiles similar to our graduates...