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During the Fair

The Professional Talent Fair at INCAE aims to provide participating organizations with an adequate space for interviewing, meeting and testing the excellent professional from our diverse backgrounds and nationalities, who are just months from graduating from their MBA’s. Companies or organizations may participate through personal interviews, tests, presentations, company and open forums. This can eventually result in formal job offers, permanent or semi-permanent positions, and/or internships.

Employee Benefits

The Fair provides a highly valued service for the business sector, NGOs and governments, allowing them to present information about their career opportunities, policies, services and products. Employers are given the opportunity to recruit excellent professionals.



When does it take place?

05th March 2019

Where does it take place?

Campus Walter Kissling Gam - La Garita de Alajuela, Costa Rica.


Contact us at or you can call us at +(506) 2437 2388 to discuss costs and additional details for employers.


Student Profiles

Students possess extensive training in the resolution of cases in areas such as management, finance, entrepreneurship and innovation. This allows them to quickly understand crises, propose and evaluate various alternatives, and ultimately present the most adequate solutions.


Who participates?


The students of the MBA promotion who finish the Master's program in Business Administration this year.

From that moment on they will be available to face new work challenges.


The students of the subsequent MBA promotion are looking for internship opportunities and possible Management Consulting Projects (MCP).

How to participate?

Open forum

Consist in the installation of several  3 x 3 mts stands where the participating companies have the opportunity to market themselves  as employers, also to promote their products and services. It is an easy and dynamic way to have a first contact with possible candidates and in few minutes, set up the following steps: tests application, interview process,  among others.


They can take place at any moment, according to the availability of our MBA candidates and company representatives. The goal is for the organization to explain about professional career opportunities, industry, policies, services, products, and any other details in a maximum of 60 minutes.


We offer the possibility to coordinate interview processes, either in person or virtually, with the candidate of your interest.


Take advantage of your participation at the Professional Talent Fair in order to  apply tests to possible candidates. It could be a closed (to a group of previously selected students) or open (to all who are interested, upon registration) applications.

Job offers publications

It consist on publishing different offers, either for permanent positions such as internships and MCP projects. In order to use this tool, an online form must be filled. This option will allow you to filter candidates for the needed selection process.

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