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Work & Study

Participation in the Work & Study program is a condition for all students who receive any type of financial assistance. Students are expected to actively collaborate with a current project at INCAE for a determined number of hours during each year of the MBA program. Similarly, if no project is in process, the student may propose an activity.

The quantity of participation hours are determined based on the percentage of financial assistance with regards to tuition costs. Participation in a project or activity in the Work & Study program during the first and second year of the MBA is a requisite for the maintenance and renovation of financial assistance during studies.

This program is considered highly flexible. It is possible to work around study and classroom schedules, thus minimizing any detrimental effect on academic performance. The following are examples of some current projects at INCAE.

Blogging for the INCAE network

This project consists in writing blog entries and articles on the INCAE MBA website with the purpose of sharing the INCAE experience from the students’ point of view. Material is provided on a weekly basis to be published on the INCAE media network. Students write a determined amount of material based on number of hours for consideration in this project.

Student Debt Analysis

This program is led by the MBA Financial Department and Susana Alonso, associate director Finances at INCAE. Students work on a study analyzing the current levels of debt incurred by students in the MBA programs.

This Project consists of an analysis of financial documents presented by students of MBA Programs of the last 5 years. Results are examined and different tasks and objectives are explored in this project.

Systematization of B-Learning course in Renewable Energy for Rural Sustainable Development.

Planning and development of tasks for B-Learning course for Renewable Energy in Sustainable Rural Development. This course is part of the framework for the Alliance for the Reinforcement of Competencies in the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources of Central America. Students are part of this project under the leadership of Ana María Majano [M.A., Ph.D in Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville].