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INCAE's Víctor Umaña presented a paper at the World Trade Forum

30 de September 2013 (Silvia Castillo)
INCAE, September 30 th , 2013— Victor Umaña , investigator at the INCAE Center for Latin American Competitiveness and Sustainable Development ( CLACDS ), who completed his doctorate in International Political Economy at the ETH Zurich , presented an article at the World Trade Forum 2013, which took...

The art of coexistence

18 de September 2013

German Retana
Why do some people strive to disturb others with decisions and conduct that are out of place? In contrast, when attitudes are respectful...

The wise... like you

11 de September 2013

German Retana
When an organization has results that are extraordinary, growing, responsible and sustainable, they are not a coincidence, but a...

Sherpa Leadership

28 de August 2013

German Retana
"Sherpas are dedicated to helping others to reach the top, in the same way we must exercise leadership ; inspire and push our team to...

With a suitcase or luggage?

13 de August 2013

German Retana
To receive an important promotion to a position without possessing the necessary skills is a high-risk crossroad. If one does not react in...


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