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Notable Alumni

Aquileo Sanchez

Director of Corporate Affairs – Walmart, Central America and Mexico.

An important word at INCAE is Sustainability: “I think that these days, any company that claims to be serious needs to focus on social issues in order to expand and to grow, this cannot be done without a strong focus on Sustainability.”


Exchange students: reasons to study in Costa Rica

Andrea, Mathieu and Salem are part of INCAE's exchange students. Why did they choose to come here? 


Life After INCAE

After successfully completing their MBA studies at INCAE, students join the INCAE Network. This database is made up of over 13,000 members, from alumni of the different MBA programs and Executive Education programs to key stakeholders involved with the institution.

While some of the graduates are able to successfully secure employment during their internships or Consulting Practice, others rely on the services of the Alumni department as a useful tool in job seeking process.

INCAE also provides support to alumni associations in different countries and through a constant networking, helps to maintain the link between the students and the institution.

As part of the initiatives of compensation to INCAE, many students offer support through various donation channels, or through coaching programs with other currently enrolled students in an INCAE Big Brother mentoring program.