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Exchange students: reasons to study in Costa Rica

Andrea, Mathieu and Salem are part of INCAE's exchange students. Why did they choose to come here? 


The Case Study Method

With the case study method students learn to manage real-life business situations and solve problems in controlled environments, under the guidance of Ph.D professors. 


Students Blog

INCAE: Preparing BUSINESS for Latin America

Ten years after a period of recession and Latin America has struggled to sustain economic momentum. The fiscal crisis, political uncertainty, the fall of commodity prices, and insufficient public and private investments are just some of the problems it faces. But, in general, the region is trying to get back on track. Regional GDP is expected to have expanded 2.0% annually in the second quarter of 2018, a notch above the first quarter’s 1.9% increase.


Tips for the admission interview

If you are preparing for the interview, congratulations! Getting to this point is not easy.

Now, in order to achieve a satisfactory result, good preparation is important to communicate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Following these five tips will be useful not only to make a good impression with the admissions committee, but also while interviewing for a job after you complete the MBA.


Campus Life

Once admitted to INCAE, MBA students move to campus to reside during their period of study, our campus becomes home to these young people who enroll in the master's program.

The dynamics of living in shared houses with peers creates an environment that transcends social interaction beyond the classroom. Similarly, both sites have areas suitable not only for the study, but also for recreation and participation in various sports.

The dining room is an included benefit for all students available at lunch and dinner on weekdays and lunch on Saturday. Those students entering the master with wife and family will have the opportunity to stay in a house just for their family.