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What we do

The Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs provides the skills to educate and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


We train our students through a program focused on the study and application of proven tools and methodologies, in an environment that fosters entrepreneurship in the region

  • Master's program
  • Collaborative and applied sessions with successful entrepreneurs
  • Incubator


  • We work in the development and implementation of initiatives that impact entrepreneurship in emerging economies, creating synergy among them.
  • We support Alumni through programs aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship in their countries and in the region.
  • We develop entrepreneur networks that seek to strengthen local ecosystems taking advantage of their multidisciplinary nature.


The Center dedicates resources to the creation of spaces for the generation and dissemination of entrepreneurial knowledge in emerging economies:

  • Academic research
  • Organization of forums, conferences and other discussion spaces about the reality of entrepreneurship in the region

How we do it?

We pass on knowledge

  • We administer the MBA specialized in entrepreneurship which allows us to surround students with resources to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • We support the creation of entrepreneur networks in the countries of the region, fostering collaboration among the INCAE Alumni community, as well as the MBA students, through programs such as the INCAE Emprende Network and the Mentoring Program.

We promote entrepreneurship

  • We are catalysts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of INCAE and we behave like a showcase of the endeavors of our alumni with programs like the INCAE Entrepreneur Award.
  • We are currently working on the formulation of initiatives to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region through alliances and other types of links with financial, educational and government stakeholders in the Central American countries.

We facilitate the creation of knowledge

  • We bring entrepreneurs and academics together in an environment that facilitates the generation of knowledge with events such as the Annual Entrepreneurship Forum and other conferences, as well as researching the best practices that favor scalable entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

Anual report 2016

Management team

  • Francisco Pérez


  • Marilyn Fonseca Sánchez

    Communication Director

  • Valeria Ramírez

    Project Manager

  • Francisco Pérez
  • Marilyn Fonseca Sánchez
  • Valeria Ramírez

Director Committee

Alberto Trejos

Dean, INCAE Business School

Bernard Kilian

Vice-Dean and Faculty, INCAE Business School