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  • Harry W. Strachan

    "Social investment must come from a personal motivation. If you see someone who is doing it successfully, you will get inspired and it will give you an example of how to do it"

  • Management Consulting Project en ONGs

    La Cátedra Strachan abre el proceso de convocatoria para que ONGs de la región Centroamericana apliquen al programa Management Consulting Project 2018 (MCP) de INCAE Business School.

  • Caso Vivo

    Los casos vivos permiten analizar situaciones complejas en tiempo real así como aprender acerca de liderazgo responsable.

  • Harry W. Strachan
  • Management Consulting Project en ONGs
  • Caso Vivo

What We Do

We inspire future leaders to practice responsible leadership; we research and produce teaching materials on how to do effective philanthropy and social investment.

Management Consulting Project (MCP)

The MCPs promoted and supported by INCAE’s Strachan Department intend to make students acquainted with the Civil Society Organizations that create positive impacts for the Central American region. An MCP consists of an eight-week consultancy that provide students with a unique and transforming experience, encouraging them to overcome a strategic challenge faced by an organization. For organizations, an MCP accounts for an opportunity to rely on a team of top-notch consultants who bring a fresh approach, with feasible, concrete solutions that enable organizations to advance their goals and continue to change Central America’s reality.

Live cases

Live cases provide a learning experience associated with business reality. Throughout a live case, a leader relies on participants to make the choices required to solve the key issues facing an organization. With the information supplied, participants must build their arguments and ground their recommendations. At the end of the session, the leader shares the decisions made with participants and the reasons underlying those choices.


We carry out research studies to create knowledge on philanthropy and social investment. These research efforts have pinpointed the motivations leading Central American philanthropists to engage in social causes, the role played by INCAE in promoting students’ philanthropic behavior, and the latest trends in philanthropic practices.

Contact Us

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Campus Walter Kissling Gam, La Garita, Alajuela. Costa Rica, Alajuela Province 960-4050, Costa Rica.