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Our Work

In January 2013, a group of investors led by philanthropist Harry W. Strachan created a donation fund to support a research program focusing on social investment and philanthropy in Central America.

Our goals

Developing modules (cases, teaching notes) for the MBA and PAG programs, as well as for special seminars on efficient philanthropic practices.
Inspiring leaders and their families to actively engage in social investment in order to build a culture that encourages philanthropy.

Our Funder

Harry W. Strachan

Professor Strachan has maintained close ties with INCAE. He started his academic career at the Managua Campus in 1970 as an assistant professor. Later, he was appointed Academic Head, serving in that position from 1972 to 1976, when he attended Harvard Business School. In 1981, he returned to INCAE as Chancellor and helped to execute a strategy to build a second campus in Costa Rica. Since then, he has served at INCAE’s Board, while teaching at the PAG program, seminars, and MBA courses.

Dr. Strachan holds a Ph.D. in International Finance, a J.D. degree in Corporate Law from Harvard Business School, and a degree in Business Administration from Illinois’ Wheaton College. He has specialized in international finance and authored the book Family and Other Business Groups in Economic Development. Dr. Strachan has also published over 50 business cases and notes on topics referring to banking, finance, international business, and strategy.

Our Faculty

Dr. Andrea Prado heads INCAE’s Strachan Philanthropy and Social Investment Department. She holds a Ph.D. from The New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and her area of expertise includes Organizational Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development.

Andrea Prado
Associate Professor

Our Researcher

Beatriz Ávalos, B.A., is a researcher at INCAE’s Strachan Philanthropy and Social Investment Department. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from Universidad de Costa Rica.

Beatriz Ávalos
Junior Researcher

In Memorian

Head of INCAE’s Strachan Philanthropy and Social Investment Department from 2013 to 2015. With a Ph.D. in Economics from Pennsylvania State University, he served as Finance Professor and Dean for MBA and CALI Fellow Programs.

Luis J. Sanz

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Harry W. Strachan

Former INCAE Chancellor, partner at & Company, founding member of Inversiones Mesoamerica and founder of the Strachan Foundation.

Dania Baltodano

CEO at CISA Exportadora and founder of “Operación Sonrisa” (Operation Smile).

Arturo Sagrera

Vice President of Operations at Grupo Hilasal, ADOC Board Chairman, FUNDEMAS Director, “Supérate” (Outdo Yourself!) Director, and founder of the “Proyecto País” (Country Project) Program.

Sabrina Bacal

Producer of “Héroes por Panamá” (Heroes for Panama) and CALI fellow.

Donors of the program

  • Fundacion Strachan

  • Arrocera Venillano S.A

  • Josh Bekenstein

  • Dwight Poler

  • Pagliuca JSJN Children´s Charitable Foundation

  • Connaughton Charitable Gift Fund

  • Anne C. Rubik and Michael A. Krupka Charitable Gift Fund

  • Albright Family Charitable Fund