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INCAE’s Strachan Department conducts research studies to create knowledge on philanthropy and social investment. These studies have explored the reasons driving Central American philanthropists to engage in social issues, INCAE’s role in promoting philanthropic behavior among its students, and the latest trends in philanthropy practices.

What Has Been Written on Philanthropy and Social Investment?

A literature review was carried out to establish the scope of the approach on philanthropy and social investment. This research study revealed three major streams: the first one focused on describing the people who engaged in philanthropy and social investment; the second one explored the reasons driving individuals to engage in social issues, and the last one has concentrate on ways to making philanthropy and social investment effective.

In 2013, a total of 23 noted Central American philanthropists (seven from Costa Rica, four from Nicaragua, four from Panama, four from El Salvador, two from Guatemala, and two from Honduras) were interviewed. These interviews shed a light on the motivations underlying their philanthropic efforts and unveiled their behavior patterns.

Philanthropy and Social Engagement Behavior –An Outlook for Business Leaders

This research study makes a business case for promoting philanthropy and social engagement effectively among stakeholders. It includes the following topics: 

  1. Mapping donors and donation recipients, based on the World Giving Index and the Seattle Foundation’s Latin American report.
  2. Current trends for effective philanthropy and social engagement practices.
  3. The business case on a professional level for private sector leaders to engage in social initiatives in their communities.

Filantropía y comportamiento prosocial: perspectiva para el líder de negocios

La investigación presenta la justificación empresarial para promover la filantropía y el comportamiento prosocial de forma efectiva entre los grupos de interés. Incluye los siguientes temas:

a. Mapeo de donantes y receptores de donaciones basado en el Word Giving Index y el reporte latinoamericano de Seattle Foundation.

b. Las tendencias en las formas de hacer filantropía y comportamiento prosocial de forma efectiva.

c. La justificación empresarial (business case a nivel de carrera profesional) para que líderes del sector privado se involucren en actividades sociales en sus comunidades

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