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INCAE’s Strachan Department promotes projects with a social purpose in order for students to contribute and engage in social initiatives. It also supports nonprofit organizations (e.g., NGOs and foundations) facing administrative challenges and lacking the resources to afford consulting services

Management Consulting Project (MCP)

In 2016, for the first time since its inception, the Strachan Department supported three MCPs at Central American NGOs. An MCP involves an administrative consulting service provided by a group of five MBA students to a Central American NGO or Foundation. The MCP process starts with an initial preparation at INCAE’s Campus over the months of January and February, followed by the project execution over a nine-week period, with students moving to the organization’s site and working there full time. The successful completion of the MCP stands as a prerequisite for graduation.

MCPs are high-value added initiatives, with consulting teams contributing their knowledge to secure solutions that add value to the companies or organizations involved. To guarantee an excellent experience for all parties, consulting teams are closely overseen by a Leadership Team consisting of INCAE faculty members.

Application Process

The MCP application process starts in August and September every year, when Central American NGOs are invited to complete an application form. To select consulting projects, the following criteria are considered: 1. Organizations’ social impact; 2. The potential impact of the consulting services in organizations, and 3. The challenge posed by the consulting service for INCAE students.

Once the NGOs that will receive consulting services have been selected according to the aforementioned criteria, MBA students are invited to apply for the consulting projects of their choice. Students’ groups are assessed on the basis of their academic excellence, their professional profile and experience, and their commitment to and interest in civil society organizations. Two to three consulting assignments are selected.

The consulting assignments are carried out from March through May, the year after the application process. 

MCP 2017

Nicaragua: Fundación NicaFrance (NicaFrance Foundation)

The group featuring Martha Ávila, Sergio Hernández, Hellen Morán, Néstor Morales, and Víctor Wong traveled to Nicaragua’s Matagalpa rural community to conduct its MCP. These students’ consulting project zeroed in on building a business plan to enhance this foundation’s impact. Fundación NicaFrance (NicaFrance Foundation) focuses on community development projects intended to improve educational and housing conditions at coffee-growing communities. The Foundation also works on scientific research and programs for small coffee-growers’ development and environmental conservation.

El Salvador: Microfinanciera ASEI (ASEI Micro-Financing)

A team of students consisting of Dana Bonilla, Samir Maschio, Diógenes Pinzón, and Oscar Ramírez traveled to San Salvador to work on an MCP that pivoted on a marketing strategy to bolster client attraction and retention at this micro-finance organization. El Salvador’s ASEI Micro-Financing Association was founded to contribute to the country’s social and economic development, providing micro-loans, financial education, and healthcare services to low-income people, especially female entrepreneurs.

Costa Rica: Fundación Parque La Libertad (Freedom Park Foundation)

Students Alba Melgar, Kareem Stephenson, Rubén Zaldana, Walter Reyes, and Cristina Vásquez came together to carry out their MCP at the Fundación Parque Metropolitano la Libertad (Freedom Metropolitan Park Foundation) in San José, Costa Rica. Their project hinged on a proposal for a new organizational design, but the team also analyzed the organization’s management scheme and its financial sustainability. The Freedom Metropolitan Park is a 32-hectare (79-acre) facility dedicated to human development and social inclusion. The Foundation delivers training courses on entrepreneurship, technology, art, culture, and other subjects.

MCP 2018

Panamá EN: Fundación Espacio Creativo

Pablo Cruz, Karen Chambi, Victor Mota, Adolfo Sobalvarro y Ángel Salinas realizaron su MCP en la Fundación Espacio Creativo en la Ciudad de Panamá. La consultoría consistió en un plan de negocios para la fundación.

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Costa Rica EN: Fundación Rutas Naturbanas

Jimena Acosta, Jorge Llosa, Gabriel Morales, Oscar Núñez y Victoria Pérez realizaron su MCP en la Fundación Rutas Naturbanas en San José, Costa Rica. La consultoría consistió en un plan de sostenibilidad financiera para los próximos años de la fundación. 

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