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In the following video, Harry Strachan explains the origin of live cases and their methodology. The key elements mentioned include the guests’ choice, the specific scenario or challenge they face, how they make their major decision, and, finally, the core information required for the case to accomplish its goal.


For the Strachan Department, it is important to train socially-responsible leaders, and this training unfolds with the live cases’ innovative teaching methodology. Live cases make it possible to create a learning space that closely resembles current business reality, encouraging the analysis of problems for decision making and the elaboration of arguments and courses of action. Live cases are tackled in two-to-three-hour sessions, with a business leader invited to participate and share an actual dilemma or challenge currently or previously faced by her organization. Thus, students can ask questions and formulate their recommendations for specific choices.  

Live cases prove instrumental to working on issues such as decision making, strategy, organizational change, leadership, marketing, and communications. Additionally, they intend to motivate and drive MBA program participants to make a social contribution from the beginning of their professional careers.

Live cases

Ecofiltro with Philip Wilson

MBA Liderazgo Latinoamericano 1 and MBA Global Perspective, Costa Rica, January 11, 2019

Ecofiltro is a Guatemalan social enterprise that produces filters for water purification. The live case was about the company's challenges in 2017, when it was looking for an effective strategy to generate demand for water filters in rural areas, as well as its promotion, sale and distribution.

¡Supérate! wiith Ricardo Sagrera

Executive MBA, Costa Rica, October 10 2018

The Sagrera Palomo Foundation created the program ¡Supérate! With the purpose of providing education in English, computing and values ​​to young people of scarce resources of Salvador, which allows them to improve their employability and therefore their quality of life and that of their families. During the live case, students discussed the alternatives to promote innovation in the educational offer of the program, the management of the organizational culture in a social franchise and the generation of belonging and social impact among the graduates of ¡SUPÉRATE!

Calicanto with Hildegard Vásquez

MBA Especializado and Global MBA, Costa Rica. January 18, 2018

Calicanto Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 1994 by members of the Casco Antiguo community of Panama City, with the aim of protecting its historical and human heritage. During the case, the students learned about the different programs that the Foundation had in 2014, including the CAPTA program, focused on training and personal improvement of women in social vulnerability in Panama. The students discussed alternatives to ensure the sustainability and growth of the program, which had managed to train and place 800 women in jobs at that time. In addition, options were analyzed to develop housing of social interest in the Casco Antiguo and to focus the actions of the foundation in the most effective way.

Cuestamoras with Manuel Zúñiga

Excecutive MBA, Nicaragua. September, 2017

Cuestamoras is a multi-business company that operates in the areas of health, urban planning and energy. Its transcendent purpose is to innovate incessantly to create opportunities for all. The CEO of Cuestamoras, Manuel Zúñiga, was the protagonist of the case, during which he requested recommendations for redefining the company's strategic focus on the real estate business, its role in the industry and leadership in the projects to be developed.

Centrolac con Alfredo Lacayo

Executive MBA, INCAE Nicaragua abril del 2017

Centrolac es una empresa nicaragüense de productos lácteos fundada en el 2007, desde sus inicios la empresa creó un programa de concientización, entrenamiento y ayuda al sector ganadero, este modelo de negocios inclusivso busca incorporar a los pequeños productores a la cadena de valor, para mejorar la sostenibilidad de sus negocios y crear una relación virtuosa entre la empresa y la comunidad. Durante el caso vivo se discutió acerca de la estrategia, el lidererazgo y las inversiones sociales de la compañía en el contexto de los grandes desafíos ante un mercado cada vez más competitivo.

Nutrivida with Gisela Sánchez

INCAE’s Top Management Program, Costa Rica, July 2016

Nutrivida is Costa Rica’s first social enterprise, and its mission focuses on eradicating poor nutrition in Costa Rica and malnutrition in Central America and Haiti. The company produces and markets fortified foodstuffs, relying on several distribution channels, including its MANU Network, a group of 520 women who sell its products. The choices made by the company and discussed in its live case encompassed the MANU Network’s continuity, the execution of a consumer market strategy to raise brand awareness, as well as the company’s product portfolio and its expansion plans.

ECOM Agroindustrial Corporation with Eric Ponçon

Global Executive MBA, INCAE Nicaragua, April 2016

ECOM, a global coffee marketer, pursues a business strategy based on biodiversity conservation by means of an environmental sustainability program. This live case explored ECOM’s challenges as it expanded its corporate sustainability program, delving into its goals, the orchestration of its sustainability initiatives, the need for support from the company’s Board, and the ethical dilemmas associated with transparency and sustainability practice oversight.

School Sponsorships with Dania Baltodano

INCAE’s Full-Time MBA, Nicaragua, October 2016

The School Sponsorship program intends to provide support to a number of schools, training teachers and offering scholarships to students. This live case zeroed in on the program’s challenges concerning its strategic partners, while reviewing its organizational structure in order to ensure its continuity and growth. The case also dealt with the fundraising strategy pursued by the project and the leadership and succession of a company’s social investment head.

¡Supérate! with Ricardo and Arturo Sagrera

INCAE’s Full-Time MBA, Nicaragua, October 2016

The Sagrera Palomo Foundation relies on its ¡Supérate! Program to provide educational support to low-income youths via psychological treatment, university scholarships, and career guidance. This live case addressed the changes in the Foundation’s intervention scheme, center expansion, structure, and culture. 

Proyecto País with Arturo Sagrera

INCAE’s Top Management Program, Costa Rica, July 2013

Proyecto País is a violence-prevention social program that focuses on strengthening citizen security, fostering healthy coexistence, and providing improvement opportunities to children, youths, and families at high-risk communities in El Salvador. As this live case unfolded, some of the challenges facing Proyecto País were discussed, including program efficiency and efficacy, growth, sustainability, and, finally, the organization’s leadership style and accountability practices.


Adriana Collado / Executive MBA 2017-I

Costa Rica | 22 de Agosto del 2017

Jorge Ponce / Executive MBA 2017-I

Perú | 22 de Agosto del 2017

Jessica Villalta / Executive MBA 2017-I

Costa Rica | 22 de Agosto del 2017

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