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Why an MBA from INCAE?

In the classroom, INCAE seeks to gather the highest proportion of Ph.D professors from the best universities in the world. Our teachers are specialized in case method instruction, and have demonstrated success in their ability to develop exceptional analytical capabilities in their students. The intense learning process is supplemented by highly collaborative, multicultural study groups, which strengthen classroom bonds and create friendships that exist outside of academic and professional contexts.

Student Profile

INCAE maintains a network of more than 12,000 graduates from our different MBA and Upper Management Programs, comprised of leaders from chief organizations in Latin America and beyond. Our students are enriched by continuous interaction with colleagues and teachers who provide diversity that is unique to an international school like INCAE. Upon graduation, INCAE offers a wide network of contacts for students to take advantage of in their professional careers.

What makes us unique?

INCAE Business School is a world-class institution because we serve as a meeting point and preparation platform for young, multinational business leaders who are excited about developing sustainable progress at home. Distinguished by our fundamental mission to embolden students to apply their knowledge for the benefit of the entire region means that our job does not end at graduation. We nourish alumni networks and fortify alliances with private and public sector organizations in order to advance issue-driven dialogues and fulfill opportunities as they arise. Classroom content is constantly evolving due to the applied research that INCAE sustains thus providing students with the most relevant tools necessary to blend their innate talents, acquired skills and reinforced values to find and create success in the Latin America and the world beyond.

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